Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I try to unblock my writer's block!

You know how you keep putting something off so long that it seems like too big a job to tackle...like, say...cleaning the bathroom or writing a really important paper? That's how the blog has become for me this last couple of weeks! Since E. and hubby came back from their mission trip, I've been hoping to get E. to write a guest post and show off some photos. Doesn't look like that's going to happen really soon so I have to buckle down and post something to catch everybody up with our lives.

Perhaps list form will work:
1. All puppies have been placed in good homes, except #5, which we decided to keep.
2. Rather than continuing to call him #5, we named him Charles Spurgeon or "Charlie."
3. Yes, that is the name of a famous preacher. No offense is intended, we just thought it was fitting since the mother's name is Annie Armstrong (famous missionary). Yes, as a matter of fact we DO have a strange sense of humor.
4. I've been trying to run/walk most days & I think I'm developing a little bit of stamina, though weight loss has been negligible. Still, I'm doing something for my heart, right?
5. I've finally received all the materials I ordered for our school year! We'll probably be starting on Monday: 10th gr, 7th gr, 3rd gr, and preschool!
6. The aforementioned preschooler had to be taken to the hospital late Thursday night for a problem with his posterior...as in, a portion that should have stayed inside made an appearance outside. That problem has been resolved, Praise the Lord, but we're waiting on the results from some lab work the Dr. wanted done just to be cautious. Please pray.
7. E. and I successfully dissected an earthworm today for her Biology! Sure, earthworms aren't really scary creatures but it took real bravery to face up to that specimen and show it who's boss!
8. It should be obvious which of the above photos is of E. dissecting the earthworm.
9. The other photo is of M. at our friend's pool. Notice the large fake tattoo he's sporting! It's been about 3? weeks and it still hasn't come completely off!! Thanks, Laney :).

Later Days!

p.s. The dates shown on photos are incorrect...I have no idea how to fix that feature on my camera...sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. Congratulations on your accomplishments-1.running,2.Puppy adoption,3.worm dissection,etc. Love the pictures (I think). I'm not sure I want to see the next thing you have to dissect. See you soon. Love, Mimi