Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Field Trip

Yesterday was such a gorgeous Fall day that we took a field trip to Congaree National Park! What a wonderful piece of God's creation and a perfect day to enjoy it! For those not familiar with the park, it is actually a swamp--remember Francis Marion, The Swamp Fox, from American History? Fortunately, these days you get to walk on an elevated boardwalk for much of the hike, rather than slogging blindly through the muck. It's easy to see that a soldier who knew the swamp had a clear advantage over the British soldiers in pursuit!

I only took three photos and they aren't even good ones, but they DO include my children so I'm posting them for the grandparents :). For those who aren't related to my children, just enjoy the scenery and ignore my lack of photography skills, please. Incidentally, the pic of K. and M. inside a hollow tree--that's a fake hollow tree in the visitor's center. Real hollow trees often contain wild animals, birds, bats, and bugs.

Later Days!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Let me begin by stating that I'm posting another old photo because I haven't yet taken any new ones :). Due to a dissatisfied customer who remain nameless (Mimi), I'll try to post pics that only include my children...except when I don't. Kidding, Mimi. :)

Friday night and this morning, I participated in a special workshop at church, discussing our church's goals. Our goal, and that of every church and every Christian, should be to glorify God. Our sessions included discussion on doing this through prayer, worship, evangelism, fellowship, ministry, and discipleship. The focus was on being intentional in these things...fully present when we worship, praying unceasingly, etc. It was an incredibly uplifting AND convicting conference!

I need to have personal goals in these areas of spiritual growth. Maybe you do, too? Enjoy the Lord's Day!

Later Days!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Missing In Action....

Things are getting crazy around here! Our trip to India is coming up soon and we've been doing all the prep work that goes along with an international trip: inoculations, passports, visas, reservations, etc. along with having to pay for it! Praise the Lord, He is providing for us!

One reason I haven't been blogging lately is because the batteries for my camera were pirated for the Wii controllers!! Grandparents are going to stage a coup if I don't get some grandkid pictures up soon! Perhaps I'll be back to snapping photos soon--hmmm...maybe I should remove the batteries from all the video game controllers....In the meantime, I'll just pull out a picture from days gone by, okay? In fact, this pic is from Nov. 14, 2008!

Must run feed my crew!
Later Days,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is in the air!

The weather is changing, folks, and it feels great! Those steamy, humid days of summer are changing into brisk mornings and darkness by 8 p.m.! This is my favorite time of the year and I've been celebrating by taking more walks with the dog, digging out the cool-weather clothes, doing K.'s math flash-cards outside on the swing, and burning yummy scented candles in the evening.

Homeschool is slowly developing its rhythm; devotions and a couple of chapters from a read-aloud together in the morning, independent assignments in science, history, composition and literature, and math with oversight by mom (least favorite subject for everyone). My high-schooler knows what is expected of her and is fairly self-propelled these days, including her own record-keeping. Throw in some chores, some walks with the dog, snacks, and occasional breaks and you have our school day. I love that the kids have plenty of time with each other, with mom and dad, and to pursue solitary pursuits.

I'm in for an interesting experience tonight :). To prepare for an upcoming trip to India, we're meeting with some friends at an Indian restaurant. Two of the friends we're dining with just got back from India and we are going to pick their brains for information and travel tips (as well as what to eat)! I expect to have a great time with this group--I always love spending time with these fun Christian friends!

Later Days!