Sunday, June 28, 2009

Puppy Pics

Due to public demand for more puppy photos...I now present to you Annie Armstrong's offspring....

Sorry I haven't figured out how to caption each individual photo to explain which pup is which but I'll give you a summary by birth order:
#1--female, black and white
#2--male, mostly black on back, white on belly
#3--female, white, black, w/ brown on cheeks, biggest puppy, breech birth
#4--male, white and black
#5--male, gray and white, smallest puppy

Please don't be alarmed if you can't count five puppies in pictures of Annie with her family--the puppies are usually "piled up" so that somebody is obscured at all times.

I'm sure these new additions will figure heavily in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned for more pictures so you can watch them grow.

Later Days!

p.s. Southern Baptist blog followers will recognize Annie's name as that of a very godly woman, a missionary for many years who has an annual missions offering named for her. No disrespect was intended :).

Puppy Update (or "Pupdate")

Mom and pups are all doing well. We actually assisted a little with #3 because she was big and breech. Otherwise, no problems except too much excitement from MY youngest puppy :).

All are resting now and I think we'll do the same.

Later Days!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Puppies in Progress!

After keeping us on edge for days, Annie is finally whelping! My parents brought our 4 kids back this afternoon--we think Annie was waiting for E. to get here :).

Yesterday, Hubby and I bought a "toddler fence." We bought a small wading pool a few days ago for her to whelp in. She's got a lovely birthing suite upstairs in E's room--more privacy than I had when I had MY puppies! lol

2 have been born so far and she's being a great mama--very attentive. What a great biology lesson for this homeschooling family!

More to come...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prenatal Puppy Pics

Sorry I couldn't get better pics but it's hard to get a good photo of an x-ray. There are 5 puppies and they are very long and basset-y. LOL.

Annie is doing about as well as any mother who is this far along in pregnancy...she's moving pretty slow and she grumbles a little...of course, being a basset hound, that's pretty typical ALL the time.

The vet has advised us to prepare a whelping box soon. Annie must have to come to us nearly 2 months ago "in the family way" and hasn't been near another dog,so the big event will be happening in the next few days.

Stay tuned for further events....

Later Days!

Where the Wild Things Are...

It's been quiet around here--all 4 kids are staying with their grandparents Back Home. By all accounts, they're having a great time! I'm working hard to finish my paper for my last class so I can graduate at the end of July :).

In other news...

Remember Annie, the basset hound? She's expecting five puppies ANY DAY. That's right. She must have come to us in this condition and that means she's due quite soon. I think I feel a Biology lesson coming on....

Later Days!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Seriously, how long can a week be?!? We're keeping very busy with the kids' schoolwork, my schoolwork, church, and life in general! Besides the usual stuff, we're participating in several fundraisers for the mission trip to Nova Scotia that our oldest will be going on. This is turning into a hectic time for us instead of a slow, lazy summer :).

We have visits from grandparents to look forward to, though. We're hoping to welcome Mimi & Papa, Nana & Gdad this weekend, though plans haven't been finalized. Nor have bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms been purchased...laundry washed...etc. I sense a lot of "Home Ec." assignments coming up! lol

We can't wait to see the family & I think they're pretty excited about seeing us...let's be honest...THE GRANDKIDS! They even put up with Annie the incontinent basset hound in order to see these kids :). That's love, people!

Must run for now and head to church for dinner and Bible study!

Later Days!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's been going on?

I haven't been around much lately, huh? You probably haven't noticed unless you're my mother.

Mostly, I've been busy trying to finish up my coursework for my Master of Religious Education degree so I can graduate in July. Looks like I'm on track! Allow me a quick happy dance....

Now, I have a few photos of our trip to the zoo on Monday--photo credit goes to my eldest b/c my camera didn't have batteries (they had been pirated to power something else--probably a Wii remote :)).

You'll also notice a photo of our dear friend Miss Pat who recently celebrated a b-day--we intended to surprise her at the church office with a cake but 3yo M. let the cat out of the bag a bit prematurely. No matter, we still had a nice time. Happy Bday, Pat!!

Later Days!