Monday, January 30, 2012

Settling In

Things are starting to come together at the new house. It feels more like home when you hang pictures on the walls, doesn't it?

After spending waaay to much time on Pinterest looking at photos of beautiful homes, I was feeling kind of crafty so I hunted up some black paint and started updating some accessories. Micah contributed to our home decor by painting a picture frame :).

Stop by sometime if you want to check it out (Yes, I'm talking to YOU). How long does, "We just moved," work as an excuse for a messy house?

Later Days!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Party Time!

Happy 16th Birthday to my wonderful niece Anna Beth! How well I remember her impatience to make her debut in this world. She made her mark then & is still making it today. Love you, AB!

What a blessing to be able to celebrate special occasions with family. Anna Beth and several other members of the family have been a little under the weather lately, so it's great that everyone was well enough to party.

In fact, the party is still going on, but it moved to our house. AB's younger sis, Molly, came back to our house to have a sleepover w/ K. Make that a no-sleep-til-it's-over. Wii, Netflix, & popcorn, anyone?

Later Days!

P.S. Congrats to Molly for overcoming her fear of cats!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Leap of Faith

Since almost all of my readers are relatives of mine, you all probably already know that we've moved Back Home!! We're settling into a new house, a new ministry, and a new which includes making up for lost time with the grandparents :). Never fear, we're still planning to go to the library on Tuesdays so the world will keep rockin' on!

Our move is a blessing in so many ways BUT there are friends that we already miss. One such special friend, who has been a little sis to me and a big sis to E., is Leanne M. She's been a godly influence and a listening ear to us so many times. We've enjoyed our coffee talks...sometimes silly & sometimes serious...always comforting, knowing that we have a true friend who "has our backs".

Here is Leanne with her adorable new friend, Biscuit!

She and her husband Wes have been through severe trials during the time we've known them, but they are terrific examples of steadfast faith. We appreciate the time we had to serve God alongside them.

We love you guys!!

Later Days,

Monday, January 2, 2012


Let me introduce you to a special friend of ours. Pat has been a friend and fellow-laborer (as Apostle Paul would say) during the three years we've been re-located to the Midlands. She's rejoiced with us in good times and mourned with us in difficult ones. She's near and dear to my heart for many reasons but one of the most important is that she has been a loving, patient mentor to our oldest child.

E. had the opportunity to work with "Pittypat" at the church office, worship with her, socialize with her (see, homeschoolers DO socialize), and talk about Pat's adorable grandson :). Through it all, E. had the opportunity to see that Pat's godly character is the real deal, inside the church and out.

Pat took E. to lunch today and then blessed her with a beautiful quilt that she that not only is a piece of art, but also reflects E.'s personality...her love of God...and coffee.

So, though she's probably going to be embarrassed if she reads this shoutout, I just had to say WE LOVE YOU, PAT!

Later Days!