Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heading Home!

We're very excited to be heading back home for Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful, home, food, and health, to name a few. Most of all, we are thankful for Jesus, our Savior!

I hope that everyone reading this has a terrific Thanksgiving, making wonderful memories with your family!

Later Days!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

International Fashionista...or not

I've mentioned a couple of times that we ladies wore Indian clothes while there so as not to offend conservative sensibilities. While salwar kameezes were available ready-made in some shops, it was much more of an "experience" to have them custom-made.

Our expatriate friends had certain shops that they patronized so, early in our stay, off we went to the tailors so that our clothes would be ready to wear for the remainder of our trip. First, we were given front-row seats for the show. Then, the shop-keepers began showing off fabric--and quite a show it was! Out came roll after roll of colorful fabric, billowed out for our inspection. With much discussion about what brought out the color of our eyes, what had too much "bling", and what was too expensive, we each settled on fabric. Our friends spoke Hindi and were able to bargain with the shopkeepers for the best prices on fabric and stitching.

Next, very thorough fittings--MANY measurements taken. Choices had to be made regarding length of the top, elastic pants or drawstring pants, type of neckline, loose-fitting or traditional fitted pants, etc. After a considerable time, we finalized the deal and paid half of the fee, with the remainder to be paid upon pickup.

Now that we were in sensory overload from this cultural experience, we went on to the men's tailor so they could have some kurtas and custom-fitted shirts made. It was a slightly less showy performance, but interesting nonetheless.

The results were well-fitting, well-made, inexpensive clothes...a pretty awesome souvenir I'd say.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monkeys & Camels & Cows...oh my!

Animals...I'm used to seeing plenty of dogs around the neighborhood, the occasional cat (as well as the ever-present one in my house), squirrels, raccoons and such.

BUT it's a different ballgame in India! Let's see, I spotted all of these creatures either wandering amid the shops and houses or being used to pull carts on the streets (I think you'll be able to tell which ones could pull a cart and which ones couldn't):

cat (only 1)
water buffalo

It was quite a sight to see an elephant cart pulling up behind the vehicle to stop at a traffic light! In fact, ANYTHING stopping at a traffic light was amazing because it didn't happen often!

Later Days!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kid Funny

Daddy to youngest: "Did you have a good day today?"
Youngest (3yo): "No, Mama wouldn't let me."

Later Days!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome Home Pics

We brought some Indian garb back for everyone--kurtas for the boys and salwar kameezes (sp?) for the girls. Everyone willingly,even excitedly, wore their new outfits to church this morning for a special emphasis but this is what it looks like when you force your kids to stand still for a picture...

This is the handsome couple standing in front of the lovely Welcome Home sign the kids made :)....

Still jet-lagging, still processing so many of the new experiences. More posts to come, I promise.

Later Days!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back in the USA!

We're still "jet-lagging" here but I wanted to post some pics from our trip to India while they were still fresh. We had the most amazing trip; I'll try to post some snippets when I can make more sense :).

The Taj Mahal--breathtakingly beautiful, massively crowded!

Obviously, a camel. We saw a wide variety of animals--some of them occupying the same road as a million cars, motorcycles, and rickshaws!

Street scene--this one looks pretty empty, but you can see the green and yellow motorcycle rickshaw--they were everywhere!

Hubby and me! I'm wearing a salwar kameez that does nothing to flatter :). A salwar kameez involves pants, a very long top, and a scarf called a dupatta (sp?). Do you think wearing indigenous clothing helped me blend in? LOL

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back Briefly From Blog Hiatus

Last night our church held its Annual Fall Family Fun Festival. We enjoyed dressing up in fun costumes, eating pizza with our friends, playing games, and eating candy. While preparing my camera for my trip tomorrow, I remembered that I had a few pics I could post. K. was a pumpkin, N. was a mad scientist, M. was a doctor, and E. and I were nurses. Enjoy!

Later Days!

Blog Hiatus

I know it's been while since I've posted anyway, but this is a post to tell you that it's going to be another while 'til I post again :).

Tomorrow, Hubby and I plus another couple from church are leaving for India! We're excited, nervous, nauseated...well, you get the picture. This is going to be a big adventure for all of us (and I believe, the longest flight any of us have ever taken).

Please pray for us as we travel, pray for our children and parents as they "hold down the fort" for us, and pray for the people we meet in India!

I'll take lots of photos & post them when I am able.

Later Days!