Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday Shoutout

First, the birthdays I haven't posted about...Feb. 15 our youngest turned 6. I can't believe my baby is SIX!

Next, Eldest turned 18 on April 6! I can't believe my baby is EIGHTEEN! There's a rumor going around that she's an adult now, but I don't know where she got that idea. The batteries on my camera were dead that day (figures, huh?) so I don't have any great pics to show until I transfer them from my phone but here are some random pics of E.

Now, on to the upcoming sister-in-law Michelle's birthday is coming up on Monday and here's a pic of her and my big brother and their kids (from a couple of years ago).

Last, but not least, our lovely K. is turning 11 on Tuesday! Hopefully, I'll upload some pics from our celebration but here's one to tide my faithful readers (grandparents) over.

Later Days!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pics of the Graduate

Today I went for a walk down memory lane, looking for photos to use for my daughter's graduation slide show. I had a fun time reliving beach trips and birthdays :). Here's just a few to whet your appetite...sorry, no baby pics yet (but they're coming).

Later Days!

P.S. Did I make the deadline, Mimi?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long time no see....

Whew. It's been a long time since I updated the blog, huh?

Between moving back to my hometown, diving into ministry at a new church, homeschooling, childrens' birthdays, and planning our eldest child's high school graduation (!), I've been preoccupied. Oh, and this crew STILL wants to eat regularly and have clean clothes to wear!

This graduation thing is proving to be a little stressful. I guess I didn't fully appreciate the fact that someone has to plan and execute a ceremony like this and, since I'm a homeschooler, that means ME. We've got the cap and gown and diploma and are waiting on the invitations to come back from the printers. Since we're having a double-graduation with a cousin, we're trying to map out details so that both graduates have a meaningful, memorable celebration. Ideas, anyone?

In other, less self-centered anyone else addicted to Pinterest? Great recipes and ideas abound. I just found a blog with great recipes via Pinterest: and I'm excited to try some of them!

Later Days!