Thursday, October 14, 2010

Remember the Beach?

Wish we were there....
Later Days!

Friday, October 8, 2010


My parents have joined us for an impromptu visit! We're always happy to have family come to see us :).

Our eldest child got her Learner's Permit this week. She doesn't really want to drive anywhere except around our neighborhood and that suits us fine.

Eldest also got a checking account! I guess that means our "little girl" is growing up....

Has anyone started Christmas shopping? I've bought one gift...but that's pretty good for me at this stage. We also bought our family Christmas ornament while we were at the's tricky finding an ornament for a family of 6--we like to get the kind that can be personalized with each person's name and the year.

I'm amazed that people still buy pinatas after watching America's Funniest Videos! That also goes for trampolines. And Treadmills. And Snowmobiles.

People are creative in finding ways to hurt themselves (see above). Some of my family (not mentioning names, E!), really enjoy some cringe-worthy videos of people falling down, getting hit in various places with diverse objects, and exposing themselves to public ridicule by capturing it all on film and having it aired on national television.


Later Days!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Have I Mentioned The Beach?

I have to give credit to my eldest for all of these fact, most of the pictures I have from the beach were taken by her! Thanks, E.!

Later Days!

Quick Takes 10/1/10

I can't believe it's October! That's like, FALL! Finally, there's a slight nip in the air (well, at least the temp's not in the 90s at this moment), football season is in swing, and we're starting to see the leaves changing just a it!

My stove is officially dead to me. After a variety of frustrating mechanical issues--the latest being an oven door that came off yesterday--we are going stove shopping today!!

Did I mention that the oven door fell off WHILE I was baking something?!?

Just so you know, that leads to less-than-perfect results in whatever you're cooking...also, no matter how high you turn up the temp, your doorless oven will not be able to get above 250 degrees.

For reasons of public safety, you will also have to remain quite close to your rapidly-losing-heat doorless oven to prevent pets and small children from hurting themselves.

If we don't get the stove replaced today, I shall be forced to cook dinner for a family of 6 in a toaster oven! Wait, I'M actually going out to dinner with some friends so it will be hubby's challenge :).

What do you want to bet he'd have some pizza delivered?

Later Days!