Friday, July 27, 2012

Go Team USA!!

I love the Olympics!  It's a great chance to display our patriotism and pride. No matter how many medals the USA olympians win, it is great to watch them give their all.  I'm also looking forward to seeing more of London (and venues in other locations).  
Our family celebrated the tonight's Opening Ceremonies with a traditional English meal of Cornish Pasties and trifle--yummy!  I keep running into the kitchen during commercial breaks to do cleanup...I might have used every pot, pan, and knife in the making of this celebratory meal....

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies?  One word...WOW!  I don't know how Danny Boyle (director) managed to cram so many elements into one show but it was certainly entertaining (and mystifying at times).

Later Days!

P.S.  I'm loving the surprise appearances by James Bond and Mr. Bean.  Can't wait to see who's next!  And how 'bout the Queen's entrance?!?!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quote Sources

I know my faithful readers are dying of suspense wanting to know where the quotes in my last post came from. Here we go:
1. Castle (crime dramady)
2. Phineas and Ferb (silly/smart cartoon)
3. Person of Interest (crime/vigilante genre)
4. The West Wing (political dramady...sadly, no longer in production)
5. Lost (sci-fi longer on tv but lives on in DVD & Netflix incarnations.)

Did anyone know ANY of these? Any fans of these shows? anyone out there?

Later Days!