Thursday, September 24, 2009


This week of vacation is flying by! I can't believe it's almost over :(. We've had such a great time shopping, swimming, building sand castles, and eating, but the best part has been seeing the kids playing with their grandparents!

Today we began by visiting the Ripley's Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach. The homeschool discount is awesome! Each time we go, we get to see it through another child's eyes...everything is exciting when you're seeing it with a 3 year old :). Later we went to Barefoot Landing, where the kids ride the carousel every year...except we've got some that think they're too old now (awww). Then, more shopping, this time to find shoes for the two boys. Glad to have that ordeal done! Otherwise, our day was spent either on the beach, by the pool, or relaxing in the condo.

Later Days!

p.s. I love the photo of Papa and Grandad coloring with M.!


Jan and Miekie said...

These vacation pics are very valuable - not only now, but you'll also cherish them when you yourself is a grandparent! Children grow up so fast! It feels like yesterday when my own were pre-schoolers at the beach - and now they are parents themselves. They have wonderful memories of our holidays (vacations) together. Not every child has the privilege to go on family vacations. My own husband and my two sons in law grew up without beach vacations and my girls now realize how privileged they were. They are determined to let their own children have the same experiences.
Best wished for your homeschool.

Anonymous said...

We had a ball last week. I love the pictures. The kids have great memories but so do we grandparents. Thank you for allowing us to spoil your children for a week. I see a great gift idea for Papa and Granddad. Love, Mimi

Kelly said...

Thank you, Mieke & Mimi! We had a terrific time on vacation and hope we have many more of these joint trips with grandparents!