Friday, November 13, 2009

Back in the USA!

We're still "jet-lagging" here but I wanted to post some pics from our trip to India while they were still fresh. We had the most amazing trip; I'll try to post some snippets when I can make more sense :).

The Taj Mahal--breathtakingly beautiful, massively crowded!

Obviously, a camel. We saw a wide variety of animals--some of them occupying the same road as a million cars, motorcycles, and rickshaws!

Street scene--this one looks pretty empty, but you can see the green and yellow motorcycle rickshaw--they were everywhere!

Hubby and me! I'm wearing a salwar kameez that does nothing to flatter :). A salwar kameez involves pants, a very long top, and a scarf called a dupatta (sp?). Do you think wearing indigenous clothing helped me blend in? LOL

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