Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camp La Vida

Hi, I'm K. My Mom really wants me to do a guest post about the camp I recently visited that I'm going to go to in the Summer. Being the not-so reasonable girl that I am, I've put it off a few days. But Mom insists I do, so I'll oblige.

For the first part of the tour of Camp La Vida, me and my friend were pulled aside. A woman that worked at the camp wanted me and my friend to pose for pictures for the camp's web site.

And get this: They wanted us to pose in a canoe. As for me and my friend, we've never even been in a canoe before. They asked our Moms,and they agreed.

First, we had to take a trip in a golf cart for a while to the lake. Me and my friend rode in the back ( Wheeeeeeeeee!!! ). Once, while my friend was reaching her hand out a tree branch slapped her hand. She pretended to hide behind a slip of paper to get away from the trees. We're so goofy.

When we where riding back to Camp, before the ride started me and my friend climbed in the back. Yet, we weren't ready for the ride to start when it did. We almost when hurtling through the air, and on the gravel! ( But we didn't ). The moral of this story is when your with a nine-year old and a eleven-year old, make sure they're not riding no-hands in a golf cart.
K P.S. In the pics I'm the red-head and my friend has the dark brown hair.


Anonymous said...

Great job K. Very informative and very interesting. Just for future reference, the less this Mimi knows of almost accidents or wacky stunts the better. I know you can't wait for the summer and going to camp.

Okay E. it's your turn to do a guest post.

Love, Mimi.

Anonymous said...

A tree as a weapon...haven't thought of that.
Agent P

all4memories said...

Nice post, K!