Saturday, June 9, 2012

6 Random Facts For Saturday

1. Just finished giving both boys haircuts out on the porch...with all that brown and red hair it looked like a calico kitten! :)

2. The girls and I went to town to look at swimsuits once again...nothing makes you feel worse about yourself than swimsuit shopping.

3. Bees and bulls are attracted to the color red*

4. Coffee fixes everything**

5.  These facts are getting progressively more and more random...true story***

6.  Eldest is trying to modify her swimsuit to make it more modest (though it is already very modest)...she says she wishes she could modify herself (don't we ALL wish we could do that!)

 7.  There shouldn't be a 7th

* & *** contributed by K.
** contributed by E.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I didn't guess #3 was from K but I did guess #4 and E. Did we get new swim suits? What happened to 10 random facts? So your front porch looked like a cat fight had occured. Keep the news coming. Love you all muchly, Mimi.