Thursday, September 15, 2011

Long Overdue Post

How's that for a descriptive title? I really have no adequate excuse for my laxness in updating the blog...I have had reminders from friends, family, pets, etc. The truth is, the longer I put off posting, the easier it is to put off! Hmmm...that's just like so many positive changes I need to put in place.

Anyway, here's 7 Quick Takes to get me back in the bloggin' groove:

1) Hubby is suffering with a huge kidney stone at the moment. He's going to spend the weekend heavily medicated and has a procedure scheduled for Monday to get rid of that rock!

2) Our yearly beach vacation with family is approaching! We've been vacationing with my parents and hubby's parents for 18 years and we love it!

3) We'll be celebrating both hubby's and his father's birthdays while we're at the beach!

4) 14yo son got glasses last week. He looks very distinguished...or would, if he wasn't wearing a Kermit the Frog t-shirt :).

5) Our homeschooling year has started and the student body includes: a 12th grader, 9th grader, 5th grader, and kindergartner!! AND one perpetually frazzled mom.

6) I'm ridiculously excited about the beginning of Fall!!! I love the cooler weather, the pretty colors on the trees, the holidays...basically, everything about it. Of course, I live in South Carolina and by cooler weather I mean 70 degrees. Which MAY happen this weekend.

7) Speaking of holidays...if you are a member of my family reading this (and let's be honest, who else would be reading this?), now is the time to begin dropping hints for gift ideas :). For some of you, you'll also need to hint about birthday ideas, too!

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Great post!
... that's all... :)

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comment...I'll leave a comment on YOUR blog when you post something :).