Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Update

Things done:
* Homemade haircuts for both boys
* Shopping with both girls (found the elusive khaki skirt I've wanted)
* Made oatmeal craisin cookies from scratch
* Got groceries
* Enjoyed the fall-like weather
* Tried to help hubby feel better
* Watched Princess Diaries 2 with K.
* Talked about our upcoming beach trip!!!

Things left to do:
* Get a good night's sleep :)
* Wake up refreshed and ready to worship at New Hope Baptist Church
* Take care of hubby and help him get ready for surgery on Monday (kidney stone)
* Talk incessently about our upcoming beach trip!!!!

Later Days!

1 comment:

bjdunk said...

Busy, busy family. Praying for A. as he has surgery today. Soooo looking forward to the beach trip.
Love, Mimi