Monday, January 23, 2012

New Leap of Faith

Since almost all of my readers are relatives of mine, you all probably already know that we've moved Back Home!! We're settling into a new house, a new ministry, and a new which includes making up for lost time with the grandparents :). Never fear, we're still planning to go to the library on Tuesdays so the world will keep rockin' on!

Our move is a blessing in so many ways BUT there are friends that we already miss. One such special friend, who has been a little sis to me and a big sis to E., is Leanne M. She's been a godly influence and a listening ear to us so many times. We've enjoyed our coffee talks...sometimes silly & sometimes serious...always comforting, knowing that we have a true friend who "has our backs".

Here is Leanne with her adorable new friend, Biscuit!

She and her husband Wes have been through severe trials during the time we've known them, but they are terrific examples of steadfast faith. We appreciate the time we had to serve God alongside them.

We love you guys!!

Later Days,

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Anonymous said...

As mother and grandmother to the writer and her daughter I'd like to say a great big thanks to Leanne for being there for my family when I couldn't be and listening to their problems and advising them when they needed it and "having their backs" all the time. Thanks and may God bless you and Wes. Love, Mimi