Monday, January 30, 2012

Settling In

Things are starting to come together at the new house. It feels more like home when you hang pictures on the walls, doesn't it?

After spending waaay to much time on Pinterest looking at photos of beautiful homes, I was feeling kind of crafty so I hunted up some black paint and started updating some accessories. Micah contributed to our home decor by painting a picture frame :).

Stop by sometime if you want to check it out (Yes, I'm talking to YOU). How long does, "We just moved," work as an excuse for a messy house?

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Good job Micah. As to how long "We just moved" works, we're going on about 45 years. LOL! Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

My name is UB and we "just moved" 16 years ago.

Kelly said...

LOL! Thanks for the, for the foreseeable future, WE JUST MOVED!