Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

Seriously, how long can a week be?!? We're keeping very busy with the kids' schoolwork, my schoolwork, church, and life in general! Besides the usual stuff, we're participating in several fundraisers for the mission trip to Nova Scotia that our oldest will be going on. This is turning into a hectic time for us instead of a slow, lazy summer :).

We have visits from grandparents to look forward to, though. We're hoping to welcome Mimi & Papa, Nana & Gdad this weekend, though plans haven't been finalized. Nor have bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms been purchased...laundry washed...etc. I sense a lot of "Home Ec." assignments coming up! lol

We can't wait to see the family & I think they're pretty excited about seeing us...let's be honest...THE GRANDKIDS! They even put up with Annie the incontinent basset hound in order to see these kids :). That's love, people!

Must run for now and head to church for dinner and Bible study!

Later Days!


all4memories said...

You are so funny!! Tell the grandparents hello for us. :o)

Jan and Miekie said...

I am at "how long can a term be?"! We still have 3 weeks of school left and Tammy's mom is talking about me having to work in the days I had (and will have) leave.... When? On Saturdays? I'll offer to come on Tuesday - a public holiday... I can just imagine how THRILLED Tammy will be when she has to do school work while the rest of the family...! We have an average of 5 hours of contact school (excluding any breaks or work alone time) every day and the Department of Ed stipulates an 3 hour teaching time school day. In this way we are more than 40 days ahead already! I think Tammy's mom forgot about our contract in which I am entitled 10 days leave ANYTIME. Sorry about this looong complaint, but I had to get it off my chess. Actually I love the family and I love teaching Tammy and I do not mind the days or the hours, but I have other aspects to my life that also need TIME - being a housekeeper and being a grandmom need a lot of time! I am looking forward to the holidays just so that I can have more time to clean and cook and to look after my grandchildren so that we can bond a bit more and then I want to write a book on my views on raising a child and I want to write children's books.. Dream on.
I am sure your parents will love being with the children and I hope give you a helping hand - sounds as if you could do with a bit of a break even though you always sound so cheerful and positive - a real inspiration to me!
Keep well!