Sunday, June 28, 2009

Puppy Pics

Due to public demand for more puppy photos...I now present to you Annie Armstrong's offspring....

Sorry I haven't figured out how to caption each individual photo to explain which pup is which but I'll give you a summary by birth order:
#1--female, black and white
#2--male, mostly black on back, white on belly
#3--female, white, black, w/ brown on cheeks, biggest puppy, breech birth
#4--male, white and black
#5--male, gray and white, smallest puppy

Please don't be alarmed if you can't count five puppies in pictures of Annie with her family--the puppies are usually "piled up" so that somebody is obscured at all times.

I'm sure these new additions will figure heavily in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned for more pictures so you can watch them grow.

Later Days!

p.s. Southern Baptist blog followers will recognize Annie's name as that of a very godly woman, a missionary for many years who has an annual missions offering named for her. No disrespect was intended :).


all4memories said...

Annie looks like, "Can't I have a little peace and quiet so I can get some rest??"

Kelly said...

I'm sure she's worn out but she still manages to wag her tail when Em or I "visit" her and the puppies :). She's being a good little mama and hasn't left them--we deliver her meals to her in bed! LOL

Jan and Miekie said...

The puppies are adorable - I can just "feel" their soft coats and "smell" their toffee breaths. We hope to get two Labrador puppies in the near future. The idea is to breed with them one day - for the grandchildren's sake and so that we do not have to spade them and have fat dogs again.