Thursday, July 9, 2009

Greetings and Salutations!

First: Happy Birthday Leanne! Wanna puppy?

Second: Why must it be so hard to find a new dress that fits, is flattering for my less-than-slim figure, and doesn't cost a fortune? I'm attending a wedding Saturday and would like to have a new dress--so far, no luck.

Third: The puppies are starting to open their eyes. They are becoming more adorable every day! I'll try to get a good picture up soon.

Fourth: It's obvious I have very little to say, so....

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

For a new dress, I'm sure Papa would suggest the store on the way out of town that advertises clothes as being "nothing over a dollar". Seriously, I wish I was there to go shopping with you. Love and misses to you all (Lewis, Annie and puppies included). Mimi

Jan and Miekie said...

Was the wedding yesterday? What did you wear in the end? Isn't it funny that when you want to buy something for a specific occasion there is nothing and you often end up buying something that you never wear again? On the other hand if you buy something just because you like it, you wear it again and again? I've been trying to put together a new wardrobe, but have gone from disaster to disaster. I have lost all confidence in myself as a shopper!

Kelly said...

I DID end up getting a new outfit for the wedding but felt like I was "settling" for it b/c it fit. The wedding was beautiful and I'm sure nobody was looking at me, anyway! :)

Miekie, I know what you mean about losing confidence! It was awful trying on so many dresses and thinking I looked dreadful in ALL of them!