Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Look!! Photos!

Hi grandparents (and anyone else who has stuck with me this long)!

Totally unrelated, but cute, photos are the special of the day:

1)M. throwing an old snowball that we've had in the freezer for 2? years.


You can tell which caption belongs to which pic, right? :D

Later Days!


Pitty Pat said...

Love the pictures!! The puppy looks sooooooooo big in that picture. Thanks for the note.
pitty pat

all4memories said...

That snowball would have felt good today. It was hot!!!

Please don't post any more puppy pics......I can't take it much longer. :o)

Jan and Miekie said...

Darling photos! Did you get your dog book at the library?

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comments. Everyone who comments on my blog wins a puppy!! LOL. Kidding, I guess.

Miekie, my eldest got several dog books at the library--we've got to figure out when to start the little ones on solid food & how to begin training them. Any tips would be appreciated!

all4memories said...

So how many are y'all keeping? All of them?