Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday=Library Day

Here we are at Tuesday again! Seems like the weeks are flying by. We'll be heading out to our local library soon to check out bags of books--we paid our ransom last week so hopefully, there won't be fines to pay this week! I'm predicting that books on dogs, presidents, and dinosaurs will come home with us, with a side order of something girly for K. and something totally random for my youngest. M.'s favorite parts about going to the library are: playing with puzzles and felts, getting a colorful stamp on his hand, and grabbing a random book to check out so he feels like a big kid :).

In puppy news, all of them have their eyes open and are growing quite roly-poly. I think we'll be introducing a little solid food to them soon (hence the checking out of dog books). They've got the long, floppy ears and "jowl-y-ness" of basset hounds and are getting cuter by the minute. Now's the time to place your order if you want one....kidding. Well, kinda.

Later Days!

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