Thursday, October 15, 2009

Missing In Action....

Things are getting crazy around here! Our trip to India is coming up soon and we've been doing all the prep work that goes along with an international trip: inoculations, passports, visas, reservations, etc. along with having to pay for it! Praise the Lord, He is providing for us!

One reason I haven't been blogging lately is because the batteries for my camera were pirated for the Wii controllers!! Grandparents are going to stage a coup if I don't get some grandkid pictures up soon! Perhaps I'll be back to snapping photos soon--hmmm...maybe I should remove the batteries from all the video game controllers....In the meantime, I'll just pull out a picture from days gone by, okay? In fact, this pic is from Nov. 14, 2008!

Must run feed my crew!
Later Days,


Anonymous said...

Now of all the pictures you could pull out of the archieve, why this one? Don't get me wrong I love seeing Micah in an unusual sleep position (I love just seeing Micah)and Lewis sightings are okay. But why one with me? Just kidding, I think. Love and misses, Mimi.

Jan and Miekie said...

Ha ha. You have ingenious creative kids. Why do all new toys have to have batteries?
Good luck with the preparations for India!

all4memories said...

Wii rechargeable batteries with stations. We don't have them, but have heard they're great!!!