Saturday, October 17, 2009


Let me begin by stating that I'm posting another old photo because I haven't yet taken any new ones :). Due to a dissatisfied customer who remain nameless (Mimi), I'll try to post pics that only include my children...except when I don't. Kidding, Mimi. :)

Friday night and this morning, I participated in a special workshop at church, discussing our church's goals. Our goal, and that of every church and every Christian, should be to glorify God. Our sessions included discussion on doing this through prayer, worship, evangelism, fellowship, ministry, and discipleship. The focus was on being intentional in these things...fully present when we worship, praying unceasingly, etc. It was an incredibly uplifting AND convicting conference!

I need to have personal goals in these areas of spiritual growth. Maybe you do, too? Enjoy the Lord's Day!

Later Days!


Jan and Miekie said...

I like this idea of setting goals for spiritual growth. Thanks - I needed that!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the comment, Miekie :). Feel free to share any goals you make--I need ideas.