Monday, February 1, 2010


Due to overwhelming reader response (2 people asked), I realize that I need to explain the top photo of M. from my last post.

M. wanted to play "superhero"...his identity: Tool Man. His uniform: mismatched and inappropriate season clothing + belt filled with kitchen implements such as ladle, spatula, and spoons.

I had already posted the previous entry re:keeping M. busy, but when he appeared in his flashy outfit I HAD to whip out the camera and capture the moment. Result: he dubbed me his sidekick...Camera Girl. Sorry, no photos have ever captured Camera Girl in action :).

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Looking good Tool Man. You are indeed a superero. Love you, Mimi.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I bet bad guys all over the world are shaking in their boots! Luv ya, Tool Man!

Anonymous said...

So cute little buddy.keep us protected.papa

all4memories said...

Thanks for the explanation! =) He's the cutest superhero I've ever seen!!!!!!!! Your neighborhood is much safer now with Tool Man!! 8)

Carl tells me if I were a superhero I would be Antibacterial Woman. LOL