Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Haiku Challenge

Publishing my son's haiku a few days ago led to a discussion among the family of my brother's talent for poetry. Following is one of his earliest (and best) works, entitled "Slime Mold":

Slime mold is blue-green.
Slime mold grows on little trees.
Slime mold is my friend.

I think you'll agree that N. is carrying on a proud family tradition.

Why don't you contribute a haiku or other type of poem in the comments? Remember, a haiku consists of 3 lines--5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the 2nd, and 5 in the 3rd.

Here's my effort:

Be honest with them,
Says my wise teenage daughter.
I cannot write poems.

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

1st comment, yay!
Very nice, Mom.
Keep 'em coming!

all4memories said...

I have always LOVED poetry. I used to write alot of them in high school on my own just to sort out all my thoughts and feelings. I think I still have my notebook. Anyway, here's a couple I've just come up with for your haiku post...

My Family
My family is nuts,
But I love them anyway.
They are a real hoot!!

Snow is beautiful.
Flakes fall softly on my face.
I LOVE the cold snow!

Kelly said...

Love those haikus, cuz! Keep 'em coming!

Kelly said...

Mimi's contributions:

M. is 4 years old.
Our "baby" is getting big.
He is our "baby".

We had a party
To celebrate M's birthday.
It was a great time.

Nice work, Mimi. It's easy to tell that you're fond of my red hot chili pepper! lol We DID have a great time visiting the family :).

Anonymous said...

Now what was the subject of Mimi's haiku? I couldn't tell...