Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Swing (and haikus about the new swing)

Mimi & Papa commissioned someone to build an A-frame swingset for the kids...mind you, they needed to be able to transport it in their minivan...along with a slide. Quite an undertaking, I think you'll agree.

This past weekend, they loaded it up (in pieces) and came to visit. Papa and Hubby assembled it and leveled it (our backyard is extremely uneven) and it's in business! In fact, I'm having a hard time keeping the little guy from heading out the back door ALL THE TIME. Thankfully, our backyard is fenced and the gate is too heavy for him to open. Our only other issue is that my 13yo and 8yo have "rediscovered" a passion for swinging and M. is having to learn hard lessons about taking turns.

Thanks to the grandparents for the new swing AND thanks to Mimi for some new haikus!

To the swings I go

In the heat, rain, sleet, or snow

Oh! Why can’t I go?

To the swings I go

Do I really need a coat?

Oh well if I must.

To the swings I go

As I bust through the back door

Someone got there first!

Later Days!

Papa even held up the slide at their house so M. could try it out!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Keep 'em coming!