Friday, April 15, 2011


Still unpacking boxes from our recent move. Also, discovering that some things are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!! In other words, a typical move.

Spring Fever is rampant around here! The kids don't want to do schoolwork, I don't want to do schoolwork, the schoolbooks are hard to find....

As you've noticed, I'm also having trouble motivating myself to write blog posts...and sweep floors...and wash dishes...and unpack boxes....

On the bright side, it's almost K.'s birthday, so I have a very excited almost-10yo girl :). She wants to have her ears pierced and get DIAMOND earrings since that's her birthstone. She'll probably make do with the same kind of "diamond" earrings her mom wears :).

Incidentally, Easter falls on K.'s birthday this year so it's a double blessing.

10 is much different than it was when I was 10. I think 10 is the new 20. K. has also indicated than she'd like an Ipod and an Itunes card.

I think I was still playing with dolls at 10 (and after).

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Kel thank you for the post and the picture. Happy Early Birthday Kate. Love to all. Mimi

all4memories said...

S. was telling me before Christmas that she wanted an Ipod. I thought, "You are crazy! You can't keep your toys and things picked up and put in their proper places, and you think we're going to get you a $200 item to leave lying in the floor?!?!" Santa found a really neat MP3 player that looked like an Ipod, and she's had a blast with that. It has an FM radio on it, and she has really enjoyed listening to "Adventures In Odyssey" with it. So for about one fourth of the price, it's been just right for her!!

Happy early birthday, K! My plan is to let S. call her and tell her. We may shoot for Saturday, though since it will be Easter Sunday. How does she feel about having a b-day on Easter?

We love y'all and miss y'all!!!!!!!!