Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, K's birthday, and a sick boy

Wow, it's been a crazy few days! I'm so glad my parents came to visit for a couple of days because it took all of us to do what needed to get done.

Thursday: Mimi and Papa arrived and we went to the mall to get K's ears pierced for her birthday. She picked some adorable earrings, M spent his birthday $$ on Build-A-Bear stuff, the ladies did a bit of shopping, and we ate in the Food Court.

Friday: M began feeling bad--fever and nausea, with periods of playing. He mostly hung out at home with the menfolk, with the exception of a quick trip to Wal-Mart (which ended badly for him). I also finally had my eye exam and ordered new glasses, which, I'm proud to say, are not YET bifocals :). Mimi prepared an Easter feast for us since we wouldn't actually get to see my parents on Easter Sunday. Delish! Sadly, M still didn't feel up to eating.

Saturday: M missed the church's egg hunt but K got to go. She was proud to show off her newly-pierced ears to her friends. We had a mini birthday celebration before Mimi and Papa had to go home.

Sunday: Easter AND K's 10th birthday! M and I missed all the special Resurrection Day festivities at church, but the rest of the family enjoyed them. K sang a solo part(beautifully--thank you, E for videoing it for me). I'll try to upload that video soon...I need some tutoring from someone more tech-savvy than me, which includes my 5yo!
When the crowd came home from church, we had K's favorite meal of tacos (except for M, who still didn't have much of an appetite) and enjoyed birthday cake, ice cream, presents,
AND Easter treats!

M got to enjoy an egg hunt at home.

Which brings us to Monday morning...I think M is feeling much better because he's bothering his siblings :). THAT'S much more like him!

Later Days!


bjdunk said...

Kel, I enjoyed the run down of the week-end events. I especially enjoyed being there with you all. Happy Birthday to KF, glad you're better to M, N keep drawing those great Bat Man pictures, and E thanks for helping at home and w/ the video for us all. KL I'm glad you got new glasses and not bifocals. And a big hello and take care to A. Looking forward to seeing you again SOON! Love, Mimi

Kelly said...

LOL! Messages relayed to all concerned :D. We had a great time with you and Papa here...except for the whole throwing-up thing....