Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes 4/8/11

1. Blogging from my phone while we head Back Home for a visit.
Ain't technology wonderful!?!

2. We have moved since I last posted! Same city-bigger house.

3. Eldest turned 17 a couple of days ago! It doesn't seem possible....

4. K. will be turning 10 in a few days-Easter Sunday, as a matter of fact. It doesn't seem possible....

5. Tonight we'll be having a double birthday party with the whole family Back Home!

6. Ooops! I haven't posted in so long that I better mention that youngest turned 5 back in February! It doesn't seem possible....

7. It's far too easy to lose phone blog posts if your 5yo sneezes & you have to rummage around for a tissue!

Later Days!

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Anonymous said...

I believe the theme of this blog is "it doesn't seem possible". I agree totally. M is 5, K will be 10soon, N is 14 and E is now 17. It just doesn't seem possible. Great week-end. Counting the time until another visit. Love you all, Mimi.