Friday, January 8, 2010


This was a big day for K.(8yo)! Lately, it had become apparent that her vision wasn't all that good. Yesterday's visit to the optometrist confirmed fact, her vision was a bit worse than we imagined!

Thankfully, she was quite excited to get glasses! In addition to being able to see clearly, glasses provide another fashion accessory :). The frames she chose beautifully complement her red hair. More importantly, those pretty blue/green eyes of hers are seeing the world perfectly. Praise the Lord!

Later Days!

p.s. Notice that her new doll, Kathleen, needed glasses as well :).


Anonymous said...

K, I love your new "look". You and Kathleen are sure stylin. "See" you soon. Love and misses, Mimi.

Jan and Miekie said...

A very flattering frame! I'm so glad the glasses make such a difference!

all4memories said...

K., I LOVE your glasses!!!! They look very nice on you.

Kelly, I'm sorry that I haven't "visited" in a while. I've actually been trying to stay away from the computer to get some things accomplished. It's hard to find a balance between everything that we have to juggle, isn't it? Well, anyway, I'm all caught up for now. :o)

Take care, and we love all of you!!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the sweet comments...I'm passing them along to K.