Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teeth...or the absence of....

Yesterday, I had to take all four children to the dentist...ugh. The older ones needed some fillings and/or extractions and M. was along because, at 3 years old, he's just to young to stay home by himself.

The kids did well: poor N. is the one who had to have 3 teeth pulled. He had 3 baby teeth that just didn't ever fall out so the permanent ones were coming in kind of wacky. NOBODY likes to have dental work done, but anybody who knows N. knows that he REALLY wouldn't like to have dental work done. Anyway, he did exceptionally well.

Our family tradition is that those who lose teeth get $$ from the tooth fairy but the WHOLE family gets we all get 3 milkshakes, I wonder?

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

So how were the milkshakes? And how are the children doing? I bet truthfully M was the biggest challenge. Not having work done but having to wait a couple of hours on the other 3 to have work done. You are a brave Mama. Take care. Love, prayers, and misses, Mimi.
P.S. Any picture of my grands would have been nice.

all4memories said...

I say, "Go for it!!" Hope N. is doing better!

Jan and Miekie said...

Three teeth! Ouch! I think N should definitively get three milkshakes!! And I guess his mommy too for going through all this with him and the rest - what the heck, I think you should all get a reward!
P.S. N, just think how nice your teeth will straighten out now. I had a permanent lower tooth removed when I was a child, but only at one side. The teeth on the other side, where they did not extract a tooth, are all crooked and its a bigger job taking care of the crooked teeth.
When the orthodontist wanted to extract some of Thelwyn's teeth, I was hesitant at first until he showed me my own teeth in a mirror and then I said - Go right ahead... She had 4 teeth extracted on one day and today she has perfectly straight teeth.

all4memories said...
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all4memories said...

Shaynah had to have 4 of her teeth pulled a few months ago, maybe we should go have a milkshake or 2, 3, or 4 to help make up for it? :)