Sunday, March 7, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Bad News: Annie (our basset hound) was found chewing the cover of a library book.

Bright Side: The book was titled The Wholesome Dog Biscuit.


Can't wait 'til E. returns the book to the library on Tuesday and has to explain to the librarian that the dog ate it :D.

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

I knew Annie was smart but I didn't know she could read. I can't imagine her disapointment when that "Dog Biscuit" didn't taste so good. I'm sorry E. You'll have to be more careful what titles (and smells) your books have from now on. Love, Mimi.

Anonymous said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "Readers Digest". Buh Duh Dum. Thank you, I'll be here all day.

Kelly said...

I've got the funniest family! Thanks for your comments; I will relay them to Annie :). Also, I will update after our library visit tomorrow...I may not think this is too funny after that!

Anonymous said...

I still don't know whether to laugh of cry!
If I had my way, we would give the stupid thing back to the library, pay for it, and no one would ever speak of it again! Apparently Mom had other ideas... thanks Mom.

Anonymous said...

Laugh Em. Annie just wanted to settle in and enjoy a good book. You hang in there.

Anonymous said...

UB you are a very funny guy. How do you come up with all these funny comments? Mimi

Kelly said...

Apologies to my conflicted daughter...I say laugh b/c crying won't help anything!

Pitty Pat said...

I would not say that Annie was at fault. She was onlying doing what her master does. DOn't you read sweet Em? Now you have taught your dog a new trick.:) Pitty Pat

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