Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Something(s) to look forward to....

My 13yo son's predictions for the future, an assignment from his writing workbook:
In the future...
1. I won't have to write predictions about the future.
2. I'll have something to write about.
3. We'll all be older.
4. I'll be taller than I am now.
5. We still won't live in space.
6. There will still be war.
7. Some things will be better...others worse.
8. Some countries will have revolutions.
9. More people will like to read.
10. Some parts of life will be easier.

I'd say he's spot-on with his predictions, wouldn't you? Do you have any predictions to share?


Anonymous said...

I would say *7 is very accurate if time tarries.

Anonymous said...

He never fails to make me feel stupid... thanks Bro.
Still, I'm proud of him. He's very insightful!

Anonymous said...

I predict that I WILL get away with it, in spite of the meddling kids and their dog, too.