Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Report on Lewis

I'm pleased to report that our cat, Lewis, had outpatient surgery on his paw and is now resting comfortably at home :). He still appears to be a bit groggy but is otherwise fine.

As always, the staff at the veterinarian's office remarked on Lewis' size--currently 20.8 lbs, and his laid-back temperament. Maybe he can do a guest post someday so everyone can get to know him better.

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Lewis is home and doing well. Why is it my grandcat and granddog are bigger than my grandson(M)? Love, Mimi.

Kelly said...

Your grandson runs much more than your grandcat and granddog! :D Oh, for his energy....

Anonymous said...

Very true, Mom. FYI i'm his babysitter peoples! Please pray for my sanity.
For those who are wondering, my baby(Lewis) is doing very well. He doesn't seem to be in much pain, and he's not high on the anesthetic anymore! Yay!
Thank you for your concern, and those who weren't concerned, CONGRATS!!! YOU HAVE A LIFE!!!
Em :D