Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Hi I am N.! You might ask what my real name is but I'm afraid that's classified information. As you may know yesterday was the day of our church's Cinco de Mayo festival and I'll tell you right off the bat that yesterday was the most bouncing- centric day that ever was or ever will be. There was a large bouncing castle at the festival and as you know bouncing is an activity that transcends all social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Everybody was on the bouncing castle! I understand there was also a pinata but luckily there were no real A.F.V moments! Whew! That's a relief! The one thing missing was a performance of the dance of the cucumber which I would have done except that Spanish is not the best ever... *All in all though it was a great church event and I think God has and will do many great things through events like it! Since I've already wasted enough of your time I better be off!

Later days!

*By way of explanation, I must tell you that the Dance of the Cucumber refers to a VeggieTales silly song, performed by Larry the Cucumber, translated from Spanish to English by Bob the Tomato. If you require further explanation, I suggest you take a Tylenol and a nap and forget about it.


Anonymous said...

Great job N. Your keen wit shows through in every line. I understand the Dance of the Cucumber so I guess I don't need a Tylenol. I could, however, use a nap. Love, Mimi.

all4memories said...

N., you are quite the comic! 8) I enjoyed reading your take on the festivities!!

Anonymous said...

Good job there of reporting n man.I 2 have been bouncing around from one thing to another.Still have not seen a purple cow but looking for her any day.Papa

Anonymous said...

What is this "Bounce-I-Nator" that you speak of. I may could use it in my quest to conquer the tri-state area?
P.S. Another great job by a guest blogger. More guest blogs for everyone.