Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday, K.!

I'm a bit late posting this, since her birthday was April 24th, but rest assured, we partied HARD :).

Since K.'s birthday fell on a weekend, we were able to travel Back Home to celebrate with our extended family. In addition, it was my sister-in-law Michelle's birthday, so we got to celebrate for her AS WELL AS "catching up" by celebrating E.'s birthday with the part of the family that didn't get to come see us on HER birthday! Yes, this was a three-for-one deal on birthday parties.

Not only did we get to have fun with a family party, the birthday girl also enjoyed a sleepover with the girl cousins plus some friends that we haven't seen in quite a long time!

You understand, I'm using the term "sleepover" very loosely, right? Very little sleep was had that night, but the girls enjoyed painting their nails, watching movies, giggling, and eating :). I loved being able to see them having girly fun together--it took me right back to my younger days!

No sleepover would be complete without lots of food! K.requested tacos for her bday meal--mmmmm. She also designed her own birthday cake--she drew a self-portrait that the bakery scanned and put on the cake. We had plenty of ice cream and toppings for the crowd to make sundaes.

On Saturday afternoon, Hubby and I headed home without the kids. You read that right. The kids stayed all week with the grandparents, enjoying some "spoiling time" and making memories. Meanwhile, I got to do some much-needed cleaning and de-junking at home! Plus, Hubby and I got to spend some much-needed time together. I'd call that a win-win situation.

Later Days!

p.s. My cousin over at Living at Loud posted some pics from our time Back Home. It was great seeing her and her family! Our kids just picked right up where they had left off and so did we :).

p.p.s. More pics to come!


all4memories said...

So you saw the pics, eh?? =)

We had a good time!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post K. It was a wonderful birthday celebration for 3 wonderful girls. I know K. will remember her 9th. birthday for a long time.

Seaking as one of the "spoilers" last week was great. Thank you for sharing your children with us. E. and I are already planning another week up here complete with a water day. Take care. Much love, prayers, and misses, Mimi.

Kelly said...

Hey cuz, I DID see the pics you posted--I think you could have made some better choices! lol As in, whenever there's a pic w/ ME in it, don't choose it!
Glad y'all got to come--it was great to see you and to see our kids together again :).

all4memories said...

Ha! Ha! Just remember I love you, and it'll be all right!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good times, good times.