Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Dr. is in....

This morning, Dr. M. dressed in his scrubs and "operated" on our model dissection frog.

I'm sorry to say that the frog did not pull through.

Later Days!

P.S. Don't worry grandparents, it was only plastic, though it had "lifelike gooey guts." lol


Anonymous said...

I was very surprised when Mom told me about this, considering that two of his very dear friends (Kermit and Fran-Frog) are probably relatives of the rubber frog! Let me just state for the record, that "fake-frog" is a lot of fun! I very much like it's rubber innards, they're good for pranking little sisters with! :D Luv Ya, K!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc, it hurts when I stand on my head. Any advice?

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed being Dr. M's nurse this past weekend but was not too fond of the "lifelike gooey guts." Maybe we have a future doctor in the family. Papa and I had a great visit. Looking forward to you all coming this way. Love, Mimi.