Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/18/10 Daybook

Outside My Window

It was a dark and stormy, seriously, it is.

I am Listening to

Kids playing and the jingling of the dog's tag as she wanders around looking for eldest, who hasn't gotten home yet from keeping nursery for choir practice.

I am Wearing

Khaki shorts, brown t-shirt w/ Mom4 on it

I am so Grateful for

~A (relatively) restful summer

~The freedom and privilege to homeschool my children

I'm Pondering

What surprises the new school year will hold

I am Reading

The Bible...still on the Read the Bible in 90 Days plan

I am Thinking

That I can't wait to go Back Home to visit family this weekend! We'll be celebrating some birthdays and I imagine our upcoming trip to the beach will figure heavily in our conversations :)

I am Creating

Lesson plans, lists, & New School Year Resolutions

On my iPod

An eclectic mix of Contemporary Christian, show tunes, beach music, and disco-era :). I love having new tunes to listen to while I work out.

Around the House
We're very pleased with the furniture re-arrangement we did over the weekend. Our living room looks a bit tidier, our master bedroom looks bigger, and both boys seem pleased to have their beds "un-bunked".

I am Hoping and Praying
That hubby feels better soon and that our church's repairs and renovations will continue smoothly and quickly

From the Kitchen

Nothing exciting going on here...

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

~More lesson-planning, laundry, heading Back Home

Picture thought:

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Anonymous said...

We are praying A and E feel much better soon. We've got to party this week-end. I'm sure we will talk "beach". Probably the first thing Papa will tell you is how many weeks it is until we go. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, prayers, and misses, Mimi. P.S. Love the picture. We'll all be doing that soon.