Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Takes 8/13/10

Hubby and I spent the day rearranging furniture...moved the bed in the master bedroom, moved an armoire from the bedroom to the living room, moved a couple of bookcases....

Result: more space in the bedroom, new look in the living room

Unintended result: tired, aching muscles!

I've also been preparing for the upcoming school year...ordering, organizing, and scheduling, ad infinitum

We're excited that we'll be going Back Home next weekend to celebrate 2 of my nieces' birthdays...that is, the birthdays of 2 of my nieces :)

This is probably not a new concept for the rest of the world, but I stumbled on a relatively painless way to practice Spanish with the kids...I checked out the Spanish-language versions of childrens' books that we already own...can you guess what old favorite translates, "Buenas Noches, Luna"?

Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler...only 90 degrees!

Later Days!

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