Saturday, September 11, 2010


Belated Quick Takes Friday....

Annie the Basset is recovering nicely from her surgery. She's greatly enjoyed being spoiled and cosseted the last few days and has worked those sad eyes to her advantage!

We enjoyed dinner with friends last night and the kids enjoyed the pool (too cold for adults). Why is it that kids don't seem to mind how cold a pool is? Why is it that the daytime temperatures are still in the 90's and the pool was cold???

We are about to embark on my favorite season--Fall. Or Autumn. What do y'all call it? I love the nip in the air (purely theoretical at this point), the changing leaves, and bringing out the Fall clothes (Obviously, I call it Fall).

In a week's time, we'll be on our way to the beach! It's a constant point of conversation around here these days. We love our yearly trek with all four grandparents!!

Many traditions have sprung up over the 16 years we've vacationed together: Krispy Kreme doughnuts after early service on Sunday (will that change now that many of our crowd are dieting?), Shopping Day on Monday, carousel rides at Barefoot Landing, Build-a-Bear Workshop at Broadway at the Beach, shopping for a family ornament at St. Nick's Nacks, Ripley's Aquarium....

Oh, we swim and play in the sand, too! And eat...lots.

Let's stop to remember the events of 9/11/01 and pray for the families of those who lost their lives or suffered injuries. Pray also for our soldiers and their families, as they have devoted their lives to providing freedom and security for our country.

Later Days!

P.S. A special Happy Birthday to Living Out Loud's son, C., who made September 11th a day of joy!!


all4memories said...

Awww! I can't wait to tell him that he made your blog list! :) Is that anything like a bucket list??? LOL

Jan and Miekie said...

We definitely call the season, that you love, Autumn. Spring has sprung here, but we have not had a drop of rain for months and now the spring showers are late too. New tree leaves have come out, but the grass is still as dry as hay. The days are warm and now at 9 p.m. I'm still not wearing a jersey (sweater) inside - outside at this time still requires a warm something! We sleep in summer pyjamas, but it is still too cold to swim in an unheated pool. I have to start training to swim a mile in February (The Midmar mile - a very big outdoor swim event here), but the dam we normally train in, will only be warm enough like in ... December!