Friday, September 3, 2010


1. My parents are here for a visit and M. is enjoying being totally spoiled! We built a huge Lincoln Log/train set complex last night and right now, he has Mimi pushing him on the swing.

2. College football has begun--woohoo! In my mind, the beginning of football=fall, however, the temperature is supposed to get up to 98 degrees today :P.

3. The repairs and renovations at our church are underway. Several weeks ago, our steeple was struck by lightning and caught fire. We'll be moving back into part of our church building soon, though the sanctuary repairs will take a few weeks longer.

4. Anybody have big plans for the Labor Day weekend? We're getting together with friends...but most exciting--no school!

5. Our dog is scheduled for surgery next week. Some of you might remember that she was pregnant when we got her (unbeknownst to us). Her puppies were adorable. Also, smelly, loud, and irritating. We DO NOT want to do that again.

6. Speaking of school (was I speaking of school?)...we've completed our first two weeks and are still trying to find our "groove". Bouncing around between the four kids and their varying subjects is keeping me hopping.

7. Time for cellphone upgrades...phones are scary complicated these days, aren't they? Gone are the days when you only used a phone to make calls! I didn't think I was a techie-type, but I love having a phone that can access the internet--how did our founding fathers survive without being able to Facebook wherever and whenever they wanted?!?

Later Days!

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all4memories said...

Ha! I've never thought of myself as being a "techy type, either, but I agree! It is very cool to be able to access the internet via a cell phone!

We must have started school on the same day as we just finished our 2nd week as well. We don't believe in Labor Day, so we'll be putting our nose back to the grind!! LOL We'll be taking a beach break before too long, so we're pressing on. :)

Tell Mimi hello, and tell Pop that I saw him at the funeral the other day, but I didn't have a chance to speak to him. Thanks!

Hope AA does well through her surgery!