Friday, July 16, 2010


1. We traveled Back Home to visit family :). Just had a terrific evening eating and talking with grandparents, siblings, cousins.

2. Of course, we just discovered that K. forgot her suitcase, so we'll be going shopping you think she planned it that way? Can you believe her dad and I LET her forget her suitcase!?!

3. Congrats to my niece Peanut on her new braces--looking good!

4. Happy early birthday to my nephew Brett! You're actually turning out ok in spite of your dad :). Hey, bro! lol

5. It is time to make some tough decisions regarding curriculum choices! It's amazing how fast the summer is flying by...we'll be starting school before too long and I better have some books for these kiddos to study.

6. It's easy to get overwhelmed looking at all the curriculum catalogs and websites that come to my attention every day! Have you seen the Rainbow Resource Center catalog????

7. Our Haiti mission team should be arriving home pretty soon. I can't wait to hear their stories about how God is working in that country. I'm pretty sure there will also be some stories of heartbreaking devastation.

Later Days!

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