Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick Takes 7/30/10

I'm experimenting a little with the blog post today by centering everything. Like it? Hate it? Indifferent?

Discovered General Foods International's Dark Mayan Chocolate Latte...oh my! That stuff is goooood--adding a squirt of whipped cream to the top is a nice touch :).

Hubby is cutting grass and it's already 86 degrees at 9:45 a.m.! Our local temperature is supposed to reach 100 degrees later :P. I'm thankful that he's getting to be home for a while today, after several long, stressful days.

Re:long, stressful days....Our church's steeple was struck by lightning and caught fire on Monday. Thankfully, the fire damage wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, the water damage was considerable, ruining the ceiling, sound equipment, organ, etc. As pastor, Hubby has spent the last several days in meetings with insurance adjusters, architects, repairmen, etc.

Praise the Lord, we have a place to meet this Sunday! A sister church in the area is letting us use their sanctuary for worship while they are having Sunday School. Arrangements for future services are pending, awaiting the results from asbestos tests. The presence of asbestos will lengthen the rebuilding/repair process.

A setback such as this will act as a "refining fire" for our fellowship (excuse the fire pun). We'll be back to basics for a while & issues that are usually overlooked may come to the surface. With God's help and an extra dose of patience and longsuffering, we can come through this trial a more unified, holier body of believers!

Our school year is just around the corner. I've been placing curriculum orders and items are slowly drifting in. I love to get packages in the mail :).

Later Days!


Anonymous said...

Good post. Our prayers are with GHBC as problems arise and decisions must be made. Keep the faith. I'm glad you are planning the school year and getting curriculum. With much love, prayers, and misses, Mimi.

all4memories said...

Wow! Didn't know that had happened. We were driving to the beach late Sunday night/early Monday morning, and it was pretty scary coming through those storms!! The kids were asleep, thankfully, but we prayed all the way and arrived around 2AM. Keep us posted on the progress of the church. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

We have been spared the storms thus far today.Do have extreme heat.Yes school time is near but so is beach time. Thinking of you as adjustments in service times and locations are made. May it all bring glory as He is in control and we must seek His will.Love Pop

Melissa said...

So sorry to hear about your church. My dad who lives in Cola told me that several places had been struck by lightening, but I had no idea one was your church. My prayers are with you all as you repair and recover.