Friday, July 9, 2010


1~We had a terrific time at our Honduran friends' house last night! They have such hearts for God and ministering to His people. They'll be leaving the States soon to hold a crusade in Honduras--please pray for the Rodriguez family.

2~A Disaster Relief team from our church is heading to Haiti today. Though other events have pushed Haiti from the headlines lately, the situation there is still devastating and will be for a long time to come. Please pray for the people of Haiti, the many mission teams and aid workers devoting their time, and the families of the teams as they, too, sacrifice by releasing their loved ones to serve.

3~I need to get serious about learning Spanish! Bits and pieces of my high school and college classes have stuck with me but not nearly enough. Eldest will be studying Spanish for high school credit this year--I guess I will be, too :).

4~Youngest is "cooking" breakfast at his play kitchen. I love the way that boy takes care of his stuffed frog!

5~Haircut time for the men of the house. N. is not really looking forward to it but a haircut DOES mean he can spend even less energy on grooming :).

6~Kermit, M.'s stuffed frog, probably doesn't need a haircut, but I bet he'll go anyway. LOL

7~Must tear myself away from the computer now and go out for my walk/jog/wog before it gets up to 100 degrees again.

Later Days!


Jan and Miekie said...

Good luck with the Spanish! Spain will be playing in the World Cup Final on Sunday - Honduras left long ago. At least now I know what their flag looks like and where they are on the World Map.

Anonymous said...

K How's the leg doing when you are "wogging". I like to walk but I can't jog. Maybe one day I can work up to a wog. Would you take a picture of the boys and their new haircuts? Miss you all. Love, prayers, and misses, MImi.

Anonymous said...

I saw M's haircut on Facebook, but no one else. I must say, and you pass this along, that it is one GREAT haircut. You know I'm partial to the lower profile hairstyle.