Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Day of Celebration

I'm afraid that the significance of this holiday has fallen off the national radar; so much, that even I was not aware of it until the kids and I had our before-school devotion. October is National Pizza Month (as noted in 365 Days of Celebration & Praise--Daily Devotions and Activities for Homeschooling Families). In an effort to jump-start our nation's celebration of this wonderful food, my family and I have decided to try out a new pizza place tonight. Please join us, wherever you are, in paying homage to pizza. Maybe I'll post another photo of my family stuffing our faces!

Other items of interest at our house:
-Church went well last night; the kids are finding friends and enjoying their classes, I am doing the same :o).
-We're preparing for our church's Fall Festival tomorrow night; participants will get a passport and visit booths from different countries (fun AND educational).
-We've already got an invitation to a b-day party for a new friend!
-We're looking forward to a visit from my in-laws very soon :o)
-Tomorrow is hubby's day off so we'll get to work on the garage and other areas we've been postponing (yippee).

What's going on at your houses? Just click on comment and let me have a peek into your houses.

Later Days!

P.S. The above photo has no relation to the above post--just thought it was cute.


all4memories said...

We're preparing for a yard sale on Saturday. Now that we know about the pizza celebration, we will probably have to do something about that as C absolutely LOVES pizza. We may be a day late in celebrating, though.

all4memories said...

It's me again (Margaret). I had never heard of that book, but it sounded like a good one, so I had to check it out. We do a homeschool devotion, too, using the children's Bible, but being new to all of this, I didn't know that there were actual "homeschool devotion" books. Anyway, I found it on Ebay for $1.25, so I grabbed it. :o)