Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall Festival

We just returned from our church's Fall Festival and deemed it a success! It was fun to see so many kids (and their) parents having a great time. The kids got passports when they registered and then visited booths representing different countries, where they played games for prizes and candy. Thank goodness Belgium had hot chocolate--it's pretty cold out there!

As for costumes, Little M. and N. were the Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi; and K. was a prairie girl. The rest of us went "as is". M. actually won 3rd place in his age group's costume contest (with Thing 1 & Thing 2 taking 1st and 2nd) and N. won 2nd place in his! The Mario Bros. were incredibly excited (especially since Mom really didn't expect anybody to know who they were AND Luigi had lost his mustache by the judging). My camera malfunctioned so I only have this photo of the boys from E.'s camera--my apologies to grandparents who would really have liked the picture I took of all 4 kids. Oh, those virtual photos would have included the kids stuffing their faces with pizza and playing games.

Gotta run warm up.
Later Days!

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all4memories said...

How creative! I love their costumes. Congratulations M. and N. for winning in your age group!! That's great.