Monday, October 27, 2008

Vitamins anyone?

I anticipate getting a lot done today, so I took my multivitamin AND my Super B Complex--anybody have anything that conveys super-powers? I've got more organization to do, schoolwork with the kiddos, and catching up with laundry from the weekend (Where are you, Mimi?). Maybe just putting my To Do's down for the world (or at least 2-3 people) will motivate me to work harder, faster, longer!

Here goes:

*personal Bible study
*homeschool 4 kids
*do at least 3 loads of laundry (wash, dry, PUT AWAY)
*organize coat closet
*move 2 small filing cabinets to coat closet if they'll fit
*find homes for stuff on top of fridge (photo above)
*litterbox (kid job)
*keep all children/adults fed and happy (this is where the super powers come in)
*Family Fun--purely in the interest of exploring our new town, we've planned to eat at a new Mexican restaurant (don't be mad at us, Puerto Nuevo), buy books at Books-A-Million, and get ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery nearby. Maybe photos of my bloated, happy, well-read family will follow....

Later Days!


all4memories said...

oooooooooo sounds like fun. I want to come!!! You'll have to leave your review for the Mexican Restaurant on your blog, along with the photos. :o) Have fun!!

Liz said...

Whew! You are one busy lady!