Friday, November 21, 2008

I finally did it....

It was time. I'll probably be faced with derision and scorn from a great number of people for doing it. It hurt me, but it had to be done. I trimmed M's hair. Not all the curls are gone, I promise. It must be faced, though, that he DOES look older, more mature. His beautiful, red curls were becoming frizzy, finger-in-a-light-socket, scraggly flames of hair, leaping from his head (How was that for a word-picture?).

Some of you, even now as you are in shock, are wondering how this thing was accomplished. Well, I already had him howling mad from bathtime last night so I figured I had nothing to lose. We had fought and lost the battle of getting his hair tamed too long--it was trim it or braid it! I parked him in front of The Doodlebops (I know, child abuse) and quickly, stealthily, snipped random wisps of hair until it looked (somewhat) even. Even today, I see places that need a bit of work. Happily, I also see some rebellious curls refusing to be tamed! After all, who would M. be without them?

Above you see a photo of last week of M. sitting in the storage ottoman vs. today's photo with slight hair modifications (notice the presence of the unruly curl).

Later Days!

p.s. Please allow yourself a cool-off period before calling or emailing me to fuss :o).

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