Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday = Library

I'm thankful that my crew loves to read. For quite a long time, Tuesday has been our day to visit the library and max out our library cards. In fact, it's possible that the library takes on extra staff on Tuesdays because of us (it would have nothing to do with the fact that I bring a wild-man 2yo with me).

Today was no different--I took a wild-man 2yo with me :o). While it can be stressful keeping up with 4 kids who want to look in different sections of the library, it is rewarding when we get home and everybody plops down and dives right into a new book. Except Mom...who has to get lunch ready, while savoring the anticipation of starting a new book.

Later Days!


all4memories said...

Do you do any other of your subjects on Library Day? Just wondering.................


Kelly said...

Yes, we do other subjects but usually not ALL of the others on library day. I usually write it on my lesson plan as "Language Arts" and then we try to do some science and/or history as well. Sadly, math is almost always postponed on that day b/c it's our least favorite.