Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's good to be 3!

Once more, we celebrated M's b-day! We travelled Back Home to gather with our extended families for another birthday blowout. It was great to see everybody and spend a couple of nights with the grandparents. You can see that M. had a terrific time getting more presents and eating his "Imagination Movers" cake. It was kind of funny that he wanted to eat "Smitty"! For those not in the know, Smitty is the Mover with the cowboy hat.

Those who know my M. can tell that he's finally had a big-boy haircut (boo-hoo). He looks adorable (naturally) but I miss those red curls! I'm considering letting it grow out a bit again :o). My favorite photos are the ones where he's rambling around in the yard with his cap and his backpack on. He was on an adventure of his own making, jabbing things with sticks, throwing leaves, and doing other little boy things. It's time I faced the facts: he's not a baby anymore.

Later Days!

P.S. K. got a new umbrella/parasol (it wasn't actually raining). She adores it because it's pink and girly (just like her).


Mandy Padgett said...

I love those pictures of M.! He is quite the explorer isn't he? Tell K. I love her new umbrella!

all4memories said...

I like M.'s haircut!

Anonymous said...

I too miss the red curls. M. is such a big boy with his back pack on out in the back yard having an adventure. But, you know he's still my baby when I hold him in my lap and rock him. These times are seldom but treasured. Love, Mimi